April 18, 2009

by Brian Zinger on April 18, 2009

I’ll be making my annual trip to Lake Ontario in quest for ice out, football shaped “Big O” browns and any other salmonoid that is lurking in the shallows. I’ll be aboard the “Jus Fishin”  where we troll stick baits behind planner boards in 10ft. to 30 ft of water. Over the years (10) I have tried to tie streamers to catch these fish. I started out with tying traditionally tied flies, flies of only feathers and a little tinsel for flash. I had no luck.  Over the past 2 years I have gone with salt water techniques, same colors with lots of flash and eyes.  I have been much more successful!

Fishing in vermont can’t get much better, considering the time of year. The TLC (temperature, level, clarity) on every body of water is fantastic. Many waters in the area are getting there first stocking due to a week of no precipitation and not to much forecasted in the long range.
Check my resource page for current stocking info thru the Vermont Fish and Wildlife link.

9 1/2 lbs Lake Ontario Brown

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