April 15, 2009

by Brian Zinger on April 15, 2009

We have had absolutely beautiful weather since the opener, not a drop of rain. This type of weather is great short term. It has allowed many water ways to lower, clear and warm by a couple of degrees by late afternoon.  All of this has made it possible for some nice early season fishing.  I have been receiving many reports of decent fish being caught up and down the Green Mountains. Yesterday, I got out with Matt Farnham and Drew Price to sight cast for big fish on the Dog.  Between us, we were able to locate and castaway to 3 fish.  The fish were holding in the deep eddies, and tight to the banks in slow current. Drew was the only one to succeed in hooking and landing a beautiful 21 inch Browny.  Matt and I where both able to have fish on, but never got them to hand.  Large drab nymphs and soft hackles allowed to swirl in the eddies were the ticket. Temps on the water went for 38 at noon to 40 by 4pm.  Expect more of the same weather and improving fishing conditions through the weekend.

This is the time of year when many species are using small to mid sized streams to spawn. If you are getting out, please be careful not to disturb these fish or the stream bottom to much.  These fish are the future to or wild fish populations.  We where very carefull not to enter the water much and put the bulls eye on Browns rather that Bows.

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