2016 Opening weekend

by Brian Zinger on April 11, 2016

The opening weekend of trout season kicked off over the weekend and it was pretty typical. Snow, wind, cold water temps(high 30″s), off colored water and low catch count.

ice scene

I got out Yesterday afternoon, when it warmed up to 30, with Tim Hayes of Rippledwaters.com. We hit the Lamoille river system from Fairfax to Jeffersonville.  The main stem was off color and a bit high, but not bad. The tribs were clear with perfect flows. Water temps, ranged from 37 to 39.  We tried everything but dry flies and couldn’t muster a bump.

iceFishing days like that make you appreciate everything else that nature and being outside has to offer.  It was a beautiful sunny day. You could feel how warm the sun would be if it wasn’t so cold. We saw plenty of wildlife, Mount Mansfield’s snow capped peak in the back round and some really cool ice formations on the bank side plant life.  We laughed a bunch at each other trying to shake of the casting and line management rust that built up over the winter.

The best thing about yesterday was knowing the fishing will be getting better soon.


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