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March is Military Appreciation Month

by Brian Zinger on March 6, 2017

March is Military Appreciation Month at Stream and Brook Fly Fishing Guide Service. With the safe return of ALL Vermont National Guards and the Green Mountain Boys from their recent overseas mission, Stream and Brook would like to show our appreciation and say thanks to all service personnel. During the month of March, we are offering $25 off per person to all the men and women who are active or veterans of the United States Military and their families when they book a trip for the 2017 fishing season. Give us a call or email Brian Zinger Phone: 802-989-0398 Email: [email protected] or Brian Cadoret Phone: 802-989-3510 Email: [email protected]
Let us help plan a fun and relaxing day of fishing, in some of the most beautiful places that you help protect. streamandbrook.com #america

American flag


Fish Food

by Brian Zinger on February 28, 2017

Sorry for being a bite late with this fly of the week post. I’m sure everybody has been eagerly awaiting.

There are a couple of aquatic insects that are available in some phase of their life cycle, most of the year. One of the most important is the caddis. Caddis are most important because of their wide spread abundance and their active presents throughout the regular trout season. Also, caddis usually hatch in droves so fishing dry imitations is far more effective than another year round favorite like stone flies.

Caddis hatch in a few sizes sizes and colors. The pre-hatch phases of life are most important and just as varied in size and color. The Larva and Pupa stages of live should have a good presents in your fly box because they are effective year round.

My favorite stage to imitate is an emerging pupa. When caddis larva decide to make the transition to adulthood, they release from the river bottom by absorbing oxygen into their exoskeleton. This acts as a bubble and aid in the ascending to the surface where they hatch as an adult.   This is when they are most vulnerable to become a meal. During this time trout gorge themselves on emerger with reckless abandon. Sometime fish will feed on emergers straight thru the hatch because of the ease in which they can target them over the adult.

My favorite pattern is one made popular by Gary Lafontane called the Sparkle Pupa. It’s easy to tie, you only need 3 materials. The stretch of Anton pulled away from the body has the property of creating an air bubble much like the naturals.

Lafontane Sparkle Pupa

Hook: Mustad 3906b sizes 16 -12

Body: Stretched Anton (dark green, chartreuse, beige) pulled away from the shank.

Wing: several strands of stacked deer hair

Head: Antron(black, amber)


Warmer Thoughts

February 23, 2017

The last time I posted, I was getting ready to tie Woolly Buggers for Castaway fly tying night. During the course of that day it was snowing heavily and a couple guys got sick, so no one showed. I really enjoy tying with other people for the camaraderie and banter that is mostly about fly […]

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BWO’s, hot of the vise.

February 10, 2017

One of the 1st mayflies that you actually have a good chance of catching trout close to the surface  in the the spring, are Blue wing olives. They are also one of the last in the fall, and when you need them the most. There are a couple of different phase of the hatch you […]

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Mothers day marks Dry fly season

May 8, 2016

Mothers Day in my opinion marks the point in the spring when fishing for all species really gets going. Bass are spawning and continue to be aggressive towards a variety of different color woolly buggers.  Pike are at the end of there spawn and with the water warming every day, they are putting on the […]

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Top 12

March 8, 2016

The forecast for Northern Vermont over the next 15 days features 11 days of temps over 50 and only one night with lows under 30.   The avg high for this time of year is 35.  That means no more snow and ice. Not that there was much of that this winter, but with info like […]

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