Fly Tying Club

Welcome to the Castaway Fly Tying Club. The club meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday night of each month at 7:00p.m. We meet at my office in the Earthlogic building 56 Main St. Essex Jct VT. We open fly tying season the first week of January and go until the time would be better spent on the water in the spring. Each week there will be two flies selected to tie. These flies will be posted the Monday before the meeting, along with their recipe so that club members can prepare for Wednesday and so anyone visiting the site can tie along or just to see what’s going on the vise from week to week. Go to the fly selection link for information on purchasing any of the flies posted here.

Keep it simple

by Brian Zinger on March 5, 2018

Sometimes, great flies are simple to tie. Flies that only require 3 materials that are easy to work with, and only take 3-4 minutes are my kinda fly. The Mikey Finn is that kind of fly. Besides a hook and thread, Red and yellow buck tail, and flat tinsel is all that’s required.

I like fishing Micky Finns early and late season. I think they are most effective in 3 and 1 inch versions and trailed behind an anchor type nymph or other streamer. When brookies are chasing streamer a mini Micky is deadly. In the fall, landlocked salmon are known to be fooled as well.



Go mini on Muddlers

by Brian Zinger on February 19, 2018

So far I’ve been twisting up nothing but, gotta have nymphs. They’ll be important to have until the fish start looking up for there food in the spring.

Another food source that is important is baitfish. They too are lethargic during the winter, making them little chase for big chomp. Most Vermont rivers are loaded with sculpin, a small bait fish that trout see and eat year round. These little morsels have large pectoral fins and live on the river bottom. Having a pattern that imitates them is important for those reasons.

My favorite pattern is a Muddler Minnow. I’ll be spinning up some deer hair at this weeks fly tying club to get a ton of these ready for client and guide boxes. It’s another fly that I like in different sizes and need to fish on the bottom so I need bunch of them. Spinning deer hair is the skill required to get a nice shape to the head, while leaving long tips out the side to look like pectoral fins. I like this pattern in different sizes, however a bead head #12 is my favorite.


The work around

February 10, 2018

So we postpone Wednesday night to Thursday and for the folks who were able to make the switch it was a productive evening. I have been sticking to my tying schedule thus far this year by twisting up patterns that I need a lot of and lose a lot of. That means nymphs, and they […]

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Princes, are the Prince of nymph patterns

January 15, 2018

          The Castaway fly club meets again this Wednesday evening. I plan to stick with tying the the fly I need the most and have plenty of them. The fly I be twisting up is the Prince nymph. The Prince is my favorite nymph pattern. It is by far the most […]

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Resolve to tie flies in 2018

January 2, 2018

Happy New Year everyone.  The new year means many things to different people. For me, I try to use it as a fresh start to be better as a person, a husband and father and as a business owner. It also signifies the start to fly tying season. My fly boxes and inventory are always […]

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Long time no Post…

May 14, 2017

If you don’t know me, I’m not a social media guy. I’m not a computer guy! The reason why, you ask? I spent much time fishing and hunting as a young man and not keeping up with technology. I am getting better and I really want to learn, but the time I spend writing a […]

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